Hello. I manage social media for you.

For visibility, legibility and credibility online.

Social media. Managed. That’s it. No hype, no bragging, no bull. Just quality, quietly, quickly.

I’ve been managing social media since 2003. Yes. Before Facebook. Before Twitter. Before LinkedIn. Before Google+. I know my onions, and can walk and chew gum at the same time. I even guarantee it with a 100%, 1,000 day satisfaction guarantee for all my output.

I am an experienced project manager and digital expert, at home as much in the boardroom as managing teams across sales, marketing, technical and creative to build new web sites, writing and implementing social media policies, or training teams to think digital first as part of business transformation.

Get in touch today to start making your social presence work harder for you and your customers.

David Petherick - Social Media Management

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